Our traders and customers trade through two modern platforms — FUSION (ex BLACKWOOD PRO) and TAKION. Both platforms offer lightning-fast execution, multiple ECN access, variety of order types and nice charting package.

fusion1FUSION trading platform

FUSION is more suitable for those who make their first steps in trading. This platform is cheaper (we even offer it free of charge if you trade more than 30k shares per month!) and has enough options to suit your needs:

  • It is stable
  • You do not need fast internet connection
  • It has a lot of tech indicators
  • Level II window is clear and easy to read
  • You can see your open positions in a separate window
  • You can see all your orders — filled, active and cancelled
  • Multiple stock watchers showing details of stocks at glance
  • Basket trading available
  • Multiple filters, layouts and customization opportunities


takion06TAKION trading platform

TAKION will suit the needs of more experienced traders. It offers direct access to dark pools (hidden liquidity centers) and has powerful API for computerized trading. Among other benefits:

  • Best stock filters in the market
  • Lightning-fast and stable
  • Made by traders and for traders
  • Fully customizable layout and execution
  • Fast API
  • 99% stocks shortable





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  • ~ Allen JB

    "Started my account to be able to daytrade with less than $25k. So far, so good. Not feeling ready for prop"

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