Fast withdrawals

To make a long story short — if you trade for your own money, we pay you 100% of your net income!

You can withdraw your money any time and it will take only 3 to 5 business days to process your request and send you the money by wire transfer.


High leverage trades (proprietary)

If you trade with high leverage (some of our prop-traders use leverage as high as 1:500 and more) or even without your own money at risk (see details in «Join the prop» section), we share your income to cover additional risks involved. Payments structure is negotiated on the individual basis, but generally it looks like this:


Leverage used

Payout (net)

Less than 1:20 100%
1:20 — 1:50 95%
1:50 — 1:200 85%
1:200 — 1:500 75%
no risk deposit 70%


Trading without the risk deposit is available for experienced traders who have proven track record for 6 months minimum. Details are available upon request.



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  • ~ Rogue trader

    "Risk-management is good! I used to trade without stops before, native autoclose feature changed my mindset"

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