Are you here to make money?

If you are good at trading you have to grow further. And we are here to help you.

Our proprietary company has almost unlimited buying power. If you show constant profits we would be glad to provide you with more trading volume. If we see that you are good, we can even take your risks!

How it works

Every trader that has account with us is subject to periodical «level check». This usually happens every two weeks. Traders who show good skills and discipline get «level up» — that means we double their buying power and daily risk. If the trader is psychologically ready for this challenge — great, his income grows. If not — we put him or her back to original risk level. This helps traders break their internal bounds and leave their «comfort zone».


Join the team!

Feel ready to take more challenge? Contact us and show that you are good. We have traders who started from trading 100 stocks per trade a year ago and now their average trade size is 5000 shares and more. Do not sit still — and get some extra income. You are only as good as stocks you trade!






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