Our history — from traders’ pool to a proprietary trading firm

We started in 2011 as a community of traders who picked «in-play» stocks for intraday trading. Our search for low comission plans and good trade conditions led us to establishing a «traders’ pool» with direct access to one of the largest clearing companies in US (Wedbush). Later in 2011 we rearranged our operations to a proprietary trading company, letting our customers to trade on our own accounts.

IMG_20121101_135417Currently we provide a couple of services:

  • trade offices
  • remote trading opportunities
  • news services and analytics
  • daily stock picks
  • risk management

Our main headquaters is based in British Virgin Islands. We try to deliver our services internationally, so currently we have trade offices in Latvia (Riga), Russia (Saint-Petersbourgh, Moscow and Yekaterinbourgh), Ukraine (Kyiv), Georgia (Tiflis) and Byelarus (Minsk).

Our advantages — discount comission plans and low margin requirements

We do not promise you that trading stocks with us will make you rich in a couple of days or months. But we do offer best trade conditions in the market:

  • comission plans as low as $0.0035 per share
  • free trading platform
  • lower margin requirements (you can open account with $500!)
  • no account opening fees

Request a demo account for stock trading today and see for yourself!

Our mission — low risk day trading available to everyone

Instant high profits is not our primary goal. If you make money fast — you will loose it even faster. That’s why we put risk management to the top of our priorities list. We have a team of risk-managers watching every trade made by our customers.

  • Max daily loss is limited (you can set it as low as $20 per day)
  • Auto-close available (loosing trades will be closed even if you forget to set your stops)
  • If you have a series of losses, our psychologist will contact you to see what is going wrong

Provided with this risk-management background, we can guarantee that you will not turn your profits into losses. And if you are good enough with your trades — we can offer you almost unlimited buying power to make the best of your trading skills.






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